Tenant Pre Inspection List

How To Use

This list protects the Tenant from charges against his or her security deposit in the future. This list protects the Landlord by alerting him or her to excessive pickiness or concerns of Tenant.
  • If the Tenant does not generally accept the appearance and condition of the location, then the Landlord is better off selecting another Tenant who will be satisfied with the general condition of the location.  As always, most properties rent at rates equal to the condition of the premises.
  • If a Tenant is unduly picky about the property, this indicates Tenant and Landlord have not had a meeting of the minds about the rent for the actual property. As with most business transactions, those that start hard usually end hard. So, if this process starts hard, then the Landlord is advised to let the Tenant be discouraged and encourage them to withdraw from possible tenancy (comments to the effect, “This clearly doesn’t meet your standards,” and so on and so on).
  • Be sure to get each party to initial each page and sign the last one. Both parties should keep originals in case of any dispute in the future. Keep this record with the others for the location and/or Tenant or Landlord.