Talent and Model Release

How To Use

This Talent and Model Release form should be used only to obtain consent for the photographic and likeness issues as listed in the Agreement.
  • As a practical matter, you should have this document signed prior to any photo sessions and certainly prior to any use of the Releaser’s photo or likeness. Have several copies so any adjustments can be made and initialed on the spot, such as payment being given or arranged.
  • If the Releaser is a minor (generally under 18 years of age), be sure the parent or legal guardian also signs to acknowledge consent. Be sure to get this agreement prior to any work actually being commenced since not doing so opens you up to substantial liability if you use the materials without this approval.
  • The Manufacturer should keep the original signed Release. A photocopy should be given to the person giving the consent for his or her records. If a minor is involved, give one copy to the minor and another separately to the parent or legal guardian.
  • We suggest you keep a separate copy of the signed agreement with the paperwork accompanying the product development and final records themselves. This extra step can save you a substantial amount of time when this data must be reviewed, especially in a large financial transaction, audit, or similar activity, such as the sale of your company.

321.Video or Film Release, Talent & Models