Shareholder Meeting Agenda

How To Use

Shareholder meetings can be very fruitful events for small to medium sized companies.

Large company meetings tend to be plagued with non-business oriented side issues such as protest groups, gadfly shareholders dying to aggravate for its own sake, and the like, all of which distract management from the many positive aspects of Shareholder meetings. Warren Buffett and Sam Walton brought the shareholder meeting concept to its highest form. They informed, entertained, and listened. A perfect trifecta! We recommend you consider doing the same and follow these legendary leaders by including the shareholder meeting in your plans for positive growth for your company.

In smaller companies, especially privately held ones, the few shareholders not involved in management tend to be high net worth individuals who can usually make substantial contributions to the company, financial or otherwise, if so motivated. A clear agenda for a shareholder meeting can be part of that process. Talking to them on the phone or be email contact can be another.

If you are concerned about airing your problems, financial or otherwise, get over it. The shareholders know where things stand, by and large. They want to test your mettle a little and see how you stand up. If you do stand up well, many will continue to back your enterprise and may indeed do so with more money and support as a result of your efforts to keep them informed.

Few companies treat their shareholders with respect. If you do, you will stand out in the crowd, with a very important group of constituents, your shareholders.