Settlement Agreement

How To Use

This review list is provided to inform you about the document in question and to assist you in completing it.

  • Signing this agreement discharges all claims between the parties, not just the one specific claim. If there is a possibility that you wish to pursue other claims against the other party, modify the Agreement accordingly and consider consulting an attorney for their advice prior to signing this Agreement.
  • Note also that certain state and federal statutes do not let the parties bargain away certain rights such as many employment claims. Having said this, it is always better to attempt to settle these claims in this manner to demonstrate to a Court, should it become involved at a later date, that this was the intention of the parties.
  • Laws do vary somewhat state to state and are modified both by statute and legal precedent over time. This is always a good reason to have a lawyer review any agreement, including this one, for hidden problems.
  • As a practical matter, print at least two copies and have them signed in the original so both parties have an original for their records.
  • Once signed, consider using this Settlement Agreement as a standard for future disputes you may become a party to. It is our experience, that new disputants can be influenced in favor of settlement if they see that you have done so before. Presenting them with a signed Agreement can also move the matter forward more expeditiously and under similar payment terms and conditions. You may also want to consider using the other side as a reference about how the Settlement Agreement worked out and why it was a worthy enterprise, assuming they believe it to be so.

Settlement Agreement

_______________________________________, referred to as PLAINTIFF, and __________________________________, referred to as DEFENDANT, agree:

The parties have been engaged in litigation before the __________________ Court of ________________, case number ___________________, styled _____________________________ vs. ______________________________.