Revocation of Health Care Power of Attorney

How To Use

If in doubt, revoke your Health Care Durable Power of Attorney.

Make sure that your Revocation accurately identifies the document(s) that you wish to revoke. The full title of each document you are revoking, as stated on the document, should be identified on the Revocation.

Because the attending physician or health care provider must receive notice of the Revocation, it is recommended that the Revocation be mailed by certified mail to the provider’s last known address. Alternatively, a copy of the Revocation may be hand-delivered to the provider, in which case the provider should sign the document acknowledging receipt of the Revocation. The latter is a better solution, all the way around. If Declarant is residing in any health care or other related facilities, a copy of the Revocation should be placed in his or her Medical file.

  • Make multiple copies so the original attending physician, “My physician”, has a copy as well as for your estate planning file and a separate copy for yourself.
  • Any new Health Care Durable Power of Attorney will supercede the Revocation. However, if you do take this step, you are advised to reference the former Revocation and include it as an exhibit to your new document. Do this to keep your records in order and make sure your directives are followed without document dispute.