Reservation Letter

How To Use

Reservation letters can be powerful tools to get better service and results from the provider on the other end.

Direct reservations to the other party often save them fees, as they often must pay to an 800 service or a third party’s website. This is a subtle but important way to save money. Many individual hotel owners, for example, must pay higher management fees to the umbrella organization, such as Marriott or Holiday Inn, if they take a reservation through their 800 service as opposed to direct contact. This circumstance means you can often negotiate better rates on a direct to individual hotel basis or, at a minimum, get an upgraded room for their cost savings.

The more information you have to make a more specific request, the better chance of getting what you want. This includes such things as the size of the room, number of beds, view, and other amenities. You can request extra services like towels, toilet articles, and a free breakfast. The worst that will happen is you won’t get it. The best is you get all or some of it.

For faster turnaround time, provide an email or fax number for return correspondence. Fax is nice because you have original documents. Email is usually faster, though.

Final tip: If you think the correspondence will have a few “back and forths,” use the email format because this won’t be as burdensome for them. If you don’t have their email address, request it in this first letter to them.