Release Covenant- Employee to Employer

How To Use

This Release Covenant is a small simple legal utility to get signed upon the termination or cessation of services of employees, contractors, or similar suppliers that have significant ties to your form.

In the Business Agreement area we have more detailed and complex releases. But, they are often more off putting to the signer. This is a simpler agreement that is less threatening but quite protective in an overall sense.

  • Keep blank copies in your termination files. Make a copy for the recipient; keep one in their file; and one in the corporate file.
  • From the Employee’s point of view, unless you intend to bring suit against your Employer, signing this document releases you as well and ends your relationship on a solid legal footing.
  • While first impressions are important, terminated or resigning employees should remember that last impressions are equally important. Some day you will want a recommendation from former employers; the better your last impression, the better the chance for a positive outcome in their recommendation for you.