Referral Request for Patient

How To Use

Your physician is on your side and frustrated with the paperwork related to getting referrals even more than you are. So be a comrade in arms here.
  • Most physicians’ offices now have faxes to send referral requests to. The more information you can send on your first request the profitable your account is and the less frustrated their staff will be with you. Therefore, get it right the first time and they will be on your side on a regular basis, especially if it is a small practice when they get to “know” the people (i.e., the “good” ones, the “bad” ones, the “crazy” ones, and so on and so on). You want to get on the “good” list. It will help you fight Insurance denial of claims and on and on.
  • If you do not know of a specialist, change the letter to reflect that. No need for a file; just keep the information paper clipped together in an open file and mark your calendar to call them in a few days if they haven’t responded. If you have a fax machine at home, request them to fax back their response. This saves them time, money, and the pressure of a phone call. Emails are ok for some things; but in the document business, faxes work better, as a rule. If your doctor prefers email communication, though, use it.
  • Tip: Next time you are in the office, thank them for their help on referrals and ask your Doc how he or she likes to be communicated with on this and other matters. Few ask; you will stand out by doing so. You will also be able to give the Doc a little well deserved therapy as they complain about the process.