Reference Letter- Request by Employer

How To Use

Reference letters are helpful and rarely used tools. This to-do list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.

They are helpful not only for employment but also for business investment purposes and a host of other things. You should seek them out on the various people you deal with.

Be sure to include a signed copy of the Employee’s Permission to Release Employment information form, as it appears elsewhere on this website.

If their immediate supervisor left that company, by all means get his or her recommendation even if they are at another company and/or in a different industry. People generally try to be helpful in this area.

  • If a written reference reveals new or interesting information, by all means call back the reference giver and see if you can elicit more information.
  • Be creative in seeking references and you will develop a broader understanding of the candidate, how they relate to people, and how they perform or don’t perform their work.