Purchase Agreement- Amendment

How To Use

Amending an agreement is customary yet rarely done in writing even though it is called for in the original document.

It is far better to be the proverbial “safe than sorry,” and use this form for work order or other changes to your purchase agreements whether for small items or large complicated purchases. In a fluid transaction this also cuts down on the confusion of memory that inevitably occurs as the parties remember clearly what they wanted but often forget, conveniently or otherwise, what they gave up to get what they wanted. This Amending a Purchase Agreement helps reduce these problems.

  • As with similar agreements, sign in multiple copies giving one to each party, if a large purchase or an important one ratify a copy and include it in the minute book, and keep a copy in the file appropriate to the subject. You may also elect to make a backup copy for your own file at work or home.

Purchase Agreement, Amendment

This agreement amends an earlier Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) dated _________________ and signed by the parties. The original agreement is attached as Exhibit 1.

Whereas, the parties entered into the original Purchase Agreement for their mutual benefit, they now wish to amend that Purchase Agreement (“Amended Agreement”) in accordance with the terms and conditions in that agreement, namely in writing and signed by both parties.



Exhibit 1: Original Agreement
Exhibit 2: Amended terms of Agreement