Power of Attorney- Revocation Alternative II
How To Use
If in doubt, always revoke a Power of Attorney granted to another person.

You can always reinstate a new Power of Attorney with that person or another as circumstances dictate.

  • Sign this Revocation of Power of Attorney in front of a notary to insure its holding up in Court should it be challenged at a later date. This is not absolutely required but it is strongly recommended. Courts tend to be partial to notarized documents.
  • Practically, your best bet after this Revocation is to recover and destroy all copies of the prior Power of Attorney then outstanding.
  • Send notice of the Revocation to anyone who had a copy of the original Power of Attorney, or any related party whom that person might have dealt with such as a bank, trust, or other fiduciary. Keep copies of this mailing list.
  • Keep a copy of the document in your home safe and another in accessible home files. If you have an attorney, be sure they have a copy as well.