Personal Appearance Contract

How To Use

This Agreement spells out the details for personal appearances at any event you may have.

This ranges from community to business events, large scale ones to much smaller ones. Having a signed agreement in hand saves lots of hand wringing by all parties.

This review list is provided to inform about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.

  • Make multiple copies. Keep a file of them if you are paying for the appearance. Often this kind of signed agreement can be shown to prospective people to demonstrate conclusively that this is the “normal” way you do it. In other words, you can use a copy as a sales tool.
  • If you are the talent, this agreement does the same thing but from the other point of view. It confirms the key details about expectations: price, time, and terms. You, too, can forward formerly signed copies to prospective clients to show this is the “normal” way to do it.