Nonsolicitation Agreement

How To Use

Non-solicitation agreements are particularly important in sales jobs where sales people, like bees between the flowers, can float around from employer to employer and take significant business with them, to the detriment of the former employer.

In addition, many new employers will solicit new employees mainly for their “old” book of business, which, in this instance, is your account list. This Agreement assists in preventing that approach, especially with the requirement to disclose this document to any prospective new employer prior to working at that company.

  • Employee and Employer should sign this in front of at least one witness, preferably a peer of the employee.
  • The time restriction should be as short as you can live with and “recover” from an employee showing up at a competitor. This Agreement calls for one year; if you can live with 6 months, modify it accordingly. The shorter the time period the better your chance of having this Agreement upheld should it go to Court.
  • This kind of Agreement is increasingly important to obtain by companies. Make a major effort to get your key people under this Agreement.