Limited Warranty

How To Use

Limited warranties are intended to limit the seller’s liability.

In fact, they open the door to liability by stating conclusively a warranty exists between seller and buyer, leaving the days of liability in question (i.e., stated by Seller as 90; what happens at 91, 100? and so on and so on, a plaintiff’s attorney can argue).

For this reason, we strongly advise against any warranties. They rarely make a difference in the sale; so, if at all possible, give no warranties whatsoever. Then, the option remains with the Seller what warranties to give. If someone has a genuine problem, then we deal with it. But, we do not subject ourselves to the above potential plaintiff’s lawyer’s comments.

  • Make multiple copies. Put one in the transaction file.

Limited Warranty

Dated: ____________________
TO: ______________________
Regarding: _______________________________

These goods are sold with a 90-day warranty. The sole remedy for the goods failure to comply with this warranty is the replacement of the goods. The seller shall not be liable for consequential damages or damages other than replacement of the goods.