Life Insurance Policy- Collection by Executor

How To Use

Seeking out insurance policies is a basic function of an Executor. If you know the policy number, furnish it in the letter. You should still leave the question open about other possible policies. Clients usually go back to the same insurance company when they need insurance for different purposes. Sometimes, they lose track of the policies, especially if they were done to guarantee other business activities.

  • A copy of the letter and any documents enclosed with the letter should be retained by you for your records. In addition, you should keep a copy of all correspondence from the insurance company and maintain a record of all phone conversations for re-examination after you receive more information from other parties.
  • Be prepared for the life insurance company to request certified copies of certain documents, such as the Death Certificate and Letters of Administration, to be sent along with a follow-up letter. When a certified copy is required, the writer must send the original and not a photocopy of the document. Photocopies (rather than originals) of any other relevant documents may be included with the letter. When a certified original is required, we recommend you use a well known over night delivery service such as FedEx to provide clear tracking information on both ends.