Late Notice from Landlord

How To Use

Solvent landlords pursue late rent checks promptly and vigorously.  They have learned that letting the rent slide for only a few days gets the tenant further and further behind and therefore makes catching up an even greater problem for them. You are well advised to be guided by this practice.  Slippage in payment dates, leads to much larger problems, as a rule.  So, be sure to get this letter out promptly.  Be sure to follow up.
  • Keep a record in the Tenant’s file.  This is not part of a formal eviction process.  However, it is a sign of your good faith of “trying” to “work” with the Tenant and can be a very helpful thing in any later eviction process taken.
  • Be sure to treat all Tenants evenhandedly in this regards so you do not wind up playing favorites—and having that used against you in Court or by rumor with other Tenants.