Guardian of Minor Child- Conditional

How To Use

This document is a good well care document to have to put your financial affairs in order.

It permits the rapid assumption of authority should an accident or other unexpected circumstance impair your ability to act as a parent. This is a particularly important document for single parents. The designated guardian(s) need not sign the document. It is up to you whether you wish to inform these people of this circumstance.

Unless you engage in dangerous occupations such as a soldier, high altitude climber, or like occupation, you are unlikely to have need of this document. But, if you do work in a high-risk occupation, and are a single parent, this is an important document for your children’s protection and the smooth transition should something happen to you.

The notary step expedites matters since courts like notaries and official documentation of this kind. Make multiple copies. Be sure they are readily available should something happen to you, otherwise, they will lose their effectiveness.