Employment Agreement - Actors

How To Use

This Actor’s Employment Agreement can be used for many similar types of endeavors. You can modify it for one time employment easily.

The Agreement calls for no residuals or future payments. This is to protect the Employer from later payments, bookkeeping, and the like.

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation.

  • Make multiple copies. Give one to the Actor; one to the Employer for the project file and another for the Employee file (this agreement sets up the Actor as an “Employee”; if you wish to make them a 1099 Independent Contractor you can do so by inserting that language in the text).
  • If a 1099 Contractor, “Actor agrees that they shall work as an Independent Contractor for Employer and be responsible for all taxes thereto”. This language should be inserted at the end of the above agreement.
  • In these circumstances, if the Actor does a one-time job being an Independent Contractor is totally justified. The longer the work continues the more the Actor is functioning like an employee and the more risk the Employer would take on by paying them as a 1099 Independent Contractor. If in doubt, consult your accountant on this matter. The IRS is very skeptical of Independent Contractor status when the individual is under the direct control of an Employer. They are even more skeptical if that relationship continues over a period of time. Be so advised.