Divorce General Release

How To Use

Although this document is not strictly required after the financial arrangements have been completed in a divorce, it is an extremely efficient instrument to summarize the completion of the transaction and experience.

It particularly serves to tie up any loose ends on the subject relating to Estate Planning for the parties.

It also puts the former payer’s mind to rest that the deal is finally “done”. Having said that, however, the receiver of the money is sometimes reluctant to “let go” of the club the divorce agreement gave them. This reluctance, if seen by the other party, can serve to alert them that, despite the documents and the completion of them, it isn’t “over” yet and they can be rightfully vigilant with regard to any new problems arising relating to the old agreement and relationship.

  • Make multiple copies. Give one to both parties so they each have an original. After signature, make copies and keep them with all copies of your Estate Plan and/or Will, as well as with the Divorce file itself.
  • To the payer, best of luck in getting this document signed!