Divorce Certificate Request

How To Use

If you are a Trustee or Executor, include a copy of your authorization with this request. It is not absolutely necessary, but can be helpful.
  • Keep a copy of the transaction so you can send in a second notice. We recommend you make a phone call, if possible, to the proper location first to find out whether you need to have a bank check instead of a credit card, the correct amount of the total charge, and the proper department to send it to. On the other hand, if you have time and are not in a hurry, it can be less frustrating and just as effective in the long term, to send out an initial letter and let the bureaucracy grind slowly and respond at its pace.
  • A divorce certificate is needed for estate filings and a host of other matters. If you do not have one in your safe or home files, you are well advised to get one and put it with your important papers.
  • Note: Requests for birth certificates and marriage licenses appear in the Family Section, and are useful for Divorce matters.