Claimant for Reduced Price

How To Use

Claims for price reduction are a standard feature of most commercial businesses.

This general format can be adapted to a host of different situations. The more complete the form appears, the apter you are to get a reduction in price, whether technically merited or not.

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you with its preparation.

  • Make multiple copies. Send one to the signatory by fax and/or mail. Keep one with the transaction file. Note a suitable date, such as 7 days later, to follow up by phone to finalize the result. As with all negotiations, as suggested in our disc of that name, have your end goal in mind when entering into one of these transactions.

Claimant for Reduced Price

Date: _______________
Claimant’s Name: ____________________________
Address of Claimant: ____________________________________

Name of Carrier: _____________________________
Address of Carrier: _____________________________________

This claim for $________ (________________________________________ & ____/100 dollars) is made against the carrier named above by _________________________, Claimant, for overcharge in connection with the following shipment(s):

Description of Shipment: ________________________________
Name and address of Shipper: ___________________________
Shipped from ___________________ to ___________________
Final Destination: _______________ Routed Via _____________
Bill of lading issued by _______________________ (Company) on the _____ day of _______________, ______.