Child Care Authorization

How To Use

Child Care Authorization is an underused document that can be very useful to get prompt medical or other attention to your children in an emergency.

We strongly recommend that you keep health cards and related information with this Authorization so the Child Care Provider is totally prepared in case of an emergency, which is not the time to be hunting up medical permissions or documents.

You should keep this document on the front hall table for easy access by the Provider. You can always suggest they keep a second copy in their car or yours if they use it.

You should always execute this document if leaving home on an overnight, but especially if you are leaving home for an extended period of time and have another person caring for your children.

  • Sign multiple copies. Give one or more to the Provider and keep them as suggested above.
  • This well care document can be very useful. As a practical matter, print out several after filling in the blanks and have them readily available so you use them when gone on trips.