Bulk Sale Agreement- Notice to Creditor

How To Use

This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This Notice is required by UCC law. You must send it to all creditors, disputed and undisputed, and you are well advised to send them to all parties you have done any business with in the last year.

  • Be sure each appropriate party receives a copy.  Sending faxes, as well as letters, is advised since you can get fax receipts for each copy sent in that manner.  Keep a copy with the transaction file related to the bulk sale.

Bulk Sale Agreement: Notice to Creditor

____________________________ conducts a business engaged in ____________________________, at __________________________________________________________ has contracted to sell to ____________________, in bulk, the following: _________________________________________________________________________________

Pursuant to Article 6-104 of the Uniform Commercial Code, _____________ herewith lists all creditors of _________________________________________________________.