Beta Test Agreement

How To Use

This review list is provided to help your corporation complete the Beta Test Agreement and to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to order to make it effective and presentable to parties with an interest in your business, such as various financial entities such as private investors, venture capitalists, and your Directors.

  • The Beta Test Agreement form is used by the developer of software or a computer hardware product, as well as biotech companies, to arrange for testing of the product by a user. This form does not convey a perpetual license nor does it transfer any title. It is also very useful to Developers to gain financial backing for their firm’s expansion plans and to persuade investors that someone will actually “buy” this product or product line after development is completed.
  • Most Developers offer incentives, such reduced prices on product, to motivate the beta tester. Most developers also follow-up these arrangements with extensive monitoring and calibration of the results during the Beta Test phase in order to refine the product for normal sales at a later date. Developers should be cautious about deep discounts since, as Geoffrey Moore points out in Crossing the Chasm, the earliest adopters will pay for Beta Test products since they identify their business as doing just this; and, if they do not pay, they tend to treat the project with disdain. Also, when they reference the product to the larger group of Early Adapters, their references are invaluable and “what they paid” is an important component of the recommendation in the eyes of most early adopters. Note: If you are in this business we strongly recommend you read both Crossing the Chasm and Living on the Fault Line by Geoffrey A. Moore. It will be time well spent.