How To Use

Authorization forms can be a very effective and suggestive method to gain respect by workpeople about your personal or corporate premises, or actions taken on your property, on or off-site.

You should keep an Authorization log. Give one copy to the user; one to anyone who will be reviewing the document such as a housekeeper, family member, guard or administrator at your company.

Using a fax is a perfect method; you fax the authorization to them so they are “prepared” for the person and they don’t just come in “cold”. Also, the provider has more pressure on them to appear on a timely basis and knows that the people on the premises are expecting his or her arrival, and, as they say, you can expect what you inspect, so performance almost always improves under this scenario. Avoid being too bureaucratic, of course, all it can descend into silliness.

You can modify this form easily to authorize a variety of other activities such as repairs, borrowing equipment, and the like. The beauty of the document in this case is you have a record of who has your lawnmower, book, pots and pans, or whatever you loaned out.

And, of course, the borrower knows it is a “loan” not an extended gift since you had them sign this document. To justify the signature, feel free to use higher authority (i.e., blame someone else) such as your spouse, your repair service, your boss, or whoever sounds sensible. “Wish I could avoid this hassle, but you know” so and so.

On the repair side, you can put a cap on time to repair, dollar amount and the like. This tends to get repair people on the stick, cap expenses, and get with it. This approach can also reveal hidden problems such as higher than anticipated costs, time to fix, and so on and so on.  Authorizations, in a sense, help refine the mission and assist you in recovery of what is out there.