Auctioneer Agreement

How To Use

This is a standard Auctioneer agreement that can be used for these purposes.

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  • Make multiple copies. Send one to each signatory. Keep one with the transaction file.

Auctioneer Agreement

________________________________, referred to as SELLER, and _______________________________, referred to as AUCTIONEER, agree:

SELLER employs AUCTIONEER to sell, at public auction, the property described in the attached Exhibit.

Place, Date, and Time of Sale

The auction shall be held at ____________________________, on ______________.

Duties and Obligations of AUCTIONEER

AUCTIONEER shall carry out the following duties:

(a) AUCTIONEER shall have a catalog of seller’s property and shall distribute the catalog no fewer than 14 days before the auction and the catalog shall be in a manner which will interest all persons who might reasonably be interested in such sale and in the sales thereof.

(b) Auctioneer shall cause the auction be advertised in the _________________ Newspaper no fewer than 3 times and at least 15 days before the sale.

(c) SELLER shall deliver to the auctioneer the items for sale no later than 7 days before the sale, and seller shall bear all risk of loss of or damage to the property not caused by the auctioneer’s fault or negligence or as the case may be.