The Marketing Agency Process & Contract Bundle

Starting any new business is hard, yet the rewards can be truly fulfilling, however, in this modern-day and age of litigation, you won’t be protected properly when it comes to doing business with any other entity. Many freelancers, marketing consultants, and even some small agency shops work without adequate legal protections in place. However, how do you know which contracts and agreements are needed in order to properly launch your new marketing firm? We’ve taken some of our most popular templates and bundled them together to quickly get you up and running the right way.

Why You Would Need This Package Set

Let’s be honest here, attorneys are very expensive but you can’t sleep at night well if your doing business without legally protecting yourself. Even just making sure you get paid for the work completed should be spelled out in a legally enforceable contract and if your doing business without them your playing with fire. So not only do we have you covered with the contracts but also the forms for business processes are included as well.

Includes the Following Contract and Form Templates

  1. Client Kickoff Call Template
  2. Marketing Service Agreement & Statement of Work Contract
  3. Content Marketing & Strategy Worksheet
  4. Contractor – Scope of Work Design Worksheet
  5. Discovery – Digital Marketing and Health Check
  6. Discovery and Proposal Process
  7. Employee Confidentiality Invention and Nondisclosure Agreement
  8. Quick Standard Engagement Letter
  9. Social Media Marketing Service Contract