Templates For Marketing Agencies

Have you been doing client work and flying by the seat of your pants, hoping nothing bad happens? That ends today!

What's Included In The Template Bundle

Client Kickoff Call

A kickoff call allows our process to stay on track and avoid any unwanted delays.

Marketing Strategy Spreadsheet

This helps you plan which content to publish to each of your publication channels.

Health Check Spreadsheet

Used to assess current capability and the need for improvements across all key areas.

Discovery & Proposal Process

To assess your campaign needs and provide a solutions-based proposal.

Scope of Work Worksheet

Use this document to ideate the details of the type of services to be performed.

Social Media Marketing Contract

Covers the basics of a contract to perform social media marketing services.

Standard Engagement Letter

Use this document to get a pulse for the client to close on your proposal.

Marketing Service Agreement Contract

Fully details the project details, terms, and conditions between you and the client.

Employee NDA Agreement

When scaling your agency this document protects you when hiring employees.

Some of the companies that have used our templates

"I performed work for a client who ended up ghosting me when it came time to pay, that's one very expensive mistake I'll never make again"
Carl Raymond
SEO Consultant
"When I got started I just didn't have the money to hire an attorney to write custom contracts for my agency clients. These have saved me thousands in attorney fees!"
Richard Dumas
Agency Owner

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