What if you could instantly win the business game? Learn how entrepreneurs are building their business and influence, and how you can do it too.

There’s an unfair advantage that expert social media marketers share: they can instantly outwork competition in any field without having even started the game.

The last thing that business owners want to see is an entrepreneur using these tricks, which makes them untouchable… unless you play on their own terms.

Today we will discover three social media strategies nobody is talking about, from improving visibility to conversions.

Can Social Marketing Skyrocket Your Business?

I still remember how I started email marketing with no initial investments. It wasn’t easy to expand the business until I applied social media principles. Once I built my following, the business grows exponentially. When growing social media, I have never had to worry about traffic anymore.

If I launched a new service today, I would have a large list of interested people the next day, after sharing it in the community. I believe your proposition needs to give value to your followers, and the community will back up your business for future projects.

By the end of this article, you will know which principles you can use to grow this powerful tool. The three strategies that we will share today will help you get more attention, grow your following, and improve conversions for your business, so you can reinvest in the business to magnify the effects!

“Social Marketing Replaces Nothing But Compliments Everything” – Neil Schaffer

My sole goal with these strategies is to give you practical tools to grow your social media. You can apply them immediately and start getting results TODAY!

1. Choosing The Right Platform

Have you been in this situation? You make an amazing post on social media, but almost nobody is paying attention. Sure, you get some comments, likes, and shares. The next day, someone appears with your identical content and skyrockets in social media. Assuming that both users have the same amount of followers, how can this be possible?

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • reddit
  • LinkedIn
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As experienced creators know, factors such as time, trends, links, and labels may help to get incredible results. What’s even more important is understanding that not every platform is the same thing.

Once you learn what content format is recommended for each place, you can successfully project your message on many platforms and get more visibility.

How Should You Structure Your Content?

We have all done it, and it never works. If you post the identical message in five different platforms, your following doesn’t grow five times more. This principle states that every social media application works like a language.

Even though some marketing basics can apply to everything, social media is an environment where users select a platform as their way of communication. Luckily, this situation also allows you to diversify your content and keep things organized.

Before we explore the applications, it is essential to avoid the most common mistake made by beginners: working on twenty different platforms at the same time (seriously?).

Building foundations takes time, and high-quality is present in focused work. If you want the highest success rate, pick only one of them. It may look like a tough decision, which is why you should take a look at the usage of each platform.

Choosing Your Favorite Platform

When your goal is building a community around your business, you should only go where your customers are. Facebook is an option where you will never go wrong.

Along with LinkedIn, these are the most appropriate platforms for b2b social media marketing.

Moreover, the selection gets wider, the more specific your niche is. Facebook marketing has always been the favorite because you can target your customers accurately, but you can also use Pinterest and Instagram to promote physical products. As for Twitter, it can make the brand more influential by keeping the message concise.

One last piece of advice is paying attention to new platforms as they appear. In an overwhelmed digital world, anticipating opportunities can give you a head start with your brand. Everything gets better once you grow; winning slowly should be one of your first priorities.

Don’t Start Without Knowing This

As mentioned before, every application represents a different communication method. When you use those patterns in your favor, your brand receives enough attention to grow consistently.

Also, the way you select your sector can make a difference in the business opportunities that you will find. Since the entry barrier of social media is almost zero (anybody can do it), it is instrumental in going where customers are.

How do you find those niches? You can spot them by studying the platform and advertising trends, but the three big ones have always been Making Money, Losing Weight, and Love Relationships. People usually respond more effectively when using one of the three topics.

Does it mean that you should not select other niches? No!

If you are creating self-help content, for example, you can sell it as a product that helps you to be more confident with your professional career, health, or relationships.

2. Smart Visibility Strategy

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced business owner, each situation has a method to receive a lot more views, so you can increase your brand awareness. We will go through five ways to grow your following, improving brand awareness.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • reddit
  • LinkedIn
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Marketing through social media always makes slow progress at first, which is why it is so important to get over this initial stage as soon as possible. Depending on the way you organize your money and time, you may prefer using one tactic or another.

  • Earning: Let’s start with the most traditional way to get to know your brand. You can show up to potential followers to get attention and start building your community. It stands for constant interaction with the audience by generating content.

    You can scale the popularity of the brand exponentially by directly growing your following. This is a long term strategy, which is the reason why it is complicated to receive feedback and adjust in the short term.

    Whatever the format is, the best way to create content is to consider people’s problems and opinions. You should keep a balance of education and entertainment to attract visitors with your value, and if the need arises to take on a partner you want to make sure that a general partnership agreement is put in place to protect each parties rights and interests.

  • Retargeting: Content generation can make people feel more confident with your brand, wanting to do business with you. Inversely, people who don’t know you might be less likely to listen to your proposition. How can you improve the visitor’s perception of your company?

    Retargeting is about sharing facts, testimonials, and all sorts of proof to reinforce the belief of the prospect, following up. Have you wondered why some people know you, but are not following your work? Retargeting makes your brand more authoritative, respected, increasing conversions.

  • Buying: Social media optimization is not for everybody. If you are looking to create a community, you may be wondering how to grow as fast as possible so you can take your business to the next level. Luckily, you can visit to get enough attention.

    When you pay for visibility wisely, you can leverage your time and efforts, achieving in a few weeks what otherwise would take you months of content creation. If you have enough money for this option, you can also strategize and adjust your traffic to future trends.

    However, a social media campaign can become expensive when not using a high-conversion funnel, and the new audience may not react the way you expected. Is there a free method to save time?

  • Borrowing: There is a better social media marketing strategy, which is collaborating. Influencers can use a large existing following in favor of your business. Sponsoring and interviews are an effective way to introduce your brand to another audience.

    When a rising influencer recommends your service, you receive more visits in less time AND build trust with another audience at the same time.

  • Recurring: Have you noticed how expensive has social advertising become? Social media marketing is known as one of the most crowded spaces on the Internet since 2014. Luckily, we can use the principles of email marketing to make our community more interactive. Unlike traditional marketing, the opportunities to interact with the public are unlimited, especially when being present in multiple online platforms. You can send people from Facebook to your website, then to Instagram, maybe to Youtube later, and so on

    Also related to cross-platform, this strategy gives your audience an interacting environment. It allows you to distribute your followers around your platforms and meet followers from other platforms. Inversely, you can gather people from all your places of online presence, and combine them.

What is the best strategy for you?

There is a principle to follow when following these guidelines, regardless of the resources: start doing one of them. Using the five strategies at the same time is not effective!

Obviously, having a large social media structure recommends having all of the five, but you build them mastering one by one. If you had to pick one, which one would it be?

As a brand-new entrepreneur who has a lot of time and no money, you start earning. When patience is not a problem, take direct action to grow your social media. Since the process is long, the tactic cannot be focusing only on high-quality content. I suggest starting documenting instead of creating information.

Should you borrow and buy traffic? Do it only when you have a sales funnel with a defined service or product. If the funnel has proven a high conversion rate, moving forward will multiply your profits.

Finally, you can implement Retargetting and Recurring techniques in your lead generation system. Both can work passively to build a connection with the follower.

3. How To Convert Followers Into Customers

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • reddit
  • LinkedIn
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The main objective of social media marketing is building communities around problem-solving, whether it is education or entertainment.

Have you wondered why are there so many popular people in social media who never sell? On the other hand, some people exclusively doing business in social media think that sharing daily-life videos is not professional.

Do your followers want you to make money? Selling could be seen as a moral obligation to improve the solution that you provide to the people. You can also use the money to reinvest into the structure, reaching even more people. Then, how can you do more with your followers?

Digital marketing comes down to the optimization of your company in search engines, a social media campaign, and email funnels. Along the way, you will find many interested people that will talk about it, but we are looking for the people committed to finding solutions.

Conversion from followers into customers doesn’t have to be complicated. Even though email marketing practices are the easiest and fastest way, you can also include social media for business to increase the value of your service.

If you have been on Facebook or Youtube for a while, you will know that creating content takes effort and time. How about letting others making content for you? I am talking about private community groups.

Social media for small business. Create Groups

The product or course that you are selling may catch the attention of the visitor, but, will he or she want to buy it? Most people say Yes because the offer includes an elite community, which allows them to make questions, apply the information, and share results with other friends.

Communities create engagement and content, which is vital for the growth of the business. What happens when not having an online community is that your resources start limiting you, making your business stuck. Why is it a concerning problem?

Let’s keep it simple. People follow you because you are making their lives better. The more followers you have, the less attention you distribute per person, which leads to losing content quality and relevance. If you want to remove that barrier, you simply create a community where people share their experiences.

How Should Your Social Media Look?

As a social media strategist, you can identify three functions in our content: promoting, educating, and entertaining. The way you array these three can make a difference in the way that people react.

If you don’t know where to start, you can use the 40 40 20 as a general rule. Mind that the proportion of each aspect can vary a lot depending on the niche. Yet, it is recommended that your content contains at least 20% of each, so it doesn’t lose its purpose.

Final Thoughts

As a long term investment, social media marketing is an investment that your business cannot afford not to do. In a moment where social media promotion is underpriced, we should take action before losing the opportunity to do so.

This social media strategy is extremely useful to leverage future businesses, making the launching stage almost instantaneous. If we want to enjoy such benefits, we have to differentiate the multiple social languages, know how to generate visits, and make followers feel more connected to the brand.

The field is so broad that anybody can quickly feel confused without following a sort of hierarchy. In fact, you can always engage with social media agencies to have a better idea of what you should be doing next. Also, remember that utilizing a marketing agency agreement can help clarify any confusion before the project starts.

How quickly could your brand grow if you had 10x more daily visitors today? If you do what nobody is talking about, could you expect to produce the same results? What strategies will you use to get the most of social media?

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