Estate Administration

Decline to Serve as Trustee or Personal Representative

Greg Stone Greg Stone
How To Use

This review list is provided to inform you about this document and assist you in its preparation. It is a perilous task to act as a trustee or personal representative in this litigious age. For that reason alone, declining to serve in these positions makes a great deal of sense unless you have a personal commitment to do so. You can modify this document to conform to other offices or positions you elect to decline to serve in.

  1. Make multiple copies. Send one to each relevant party. Keep one in your personal files.

  2. Be advised that even declining may cause you to have some legal liability should you be proven to know the “next” in line will cause harm to the parties you were appointed to serve.

Decline to Serve as Trustee or Personal Representative

_____________________________, who is entitled to act as the trustee or personal representative of the estate of _____________________________, by virtue of ______________________, herewith declines to serve as trustee or personal representative.


Proposed Trustee or Personal Representative