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Child, Legal Issue and Majority Status

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This review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. This agreement provides for formal ratification that the child is independent of the parents with regard to their legal and financial responsibilities. Although this is often not technically necessary, it is a well care document well worth having, especially if the child is engaged in substantial financial or high-risk activities.

  1. Make multiple copies. Have a witness sign it.

Child, Legal Issue and Majority Status

__________________________________, referred to as PARENT, and ___________________________________, referred to as CHILD, agree:

WHEREAS, CHILD and PARENT are both over the age of 21, and further,

WHEREAS, they desire to affect a legal change in their relationship so that CHILD will be regarded as the legal and lawful child and issue of PARENT, it is AGREED:

That CHILD shall be considered the legal issue of PARENT for all purposes.

Furthermore, the Child agrees that he/she has reached their majority, 21, and is fully independent of Parents as far as legal and financial responsibilities are concerned for their welfare. Child and Parent agree to make copies of this agreement available to any parties having an interest or stating a possible interest in this matter.

In the event that court or spousal approval is required by law, this agreement shall not become effective until such approvals. However, notwithstanding this statement, this Agreement shall be in full force and effect to the extent possible.


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